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2012 was a big year. The Queen’s Jubilee, the London Olympics, human beings jumping from space to Earth; everybody seemed to be going for gold (or Diamond, in her Majesty’s case). It got me thinking; what was I doing? The truth was, I had no idea.

Having spent the last few years working my way through Europe, experiencing the world, and falling in love with travel, I had recently moved back to the UK with my Spanish partner for him to start his career in the better -faring British economy. I had been looking for a way to incorporate my skills and knowledge into a fulfilling career, but hadn’t quite landed on the right idea. On starting work at a local speciality wine shop and deli, I found that I was definitely getting warmer – my studies and travels had turned me into a real foodie and oenophile! So, when I stumbled into organising a food and wine trip to Tuscany something finally clicked. A friendly customer made an observation to me that, actually, seeing as I speak four languages, have studied in France, Spain and Italy, am a bit of a history geek and working towards wine qualifications in the industry; organising this sort of tour could be my ideal career.

Huh. I hadn’t thought about it like that. That did make sense.

“Why not start your own company?” said the customer. “You’re young, female, qualified in languages, food and wine, and your CV is broad and eclectic. Why not make that your Unique Selling Point? In fact, I know a girl about your age working in luxury travel who is currently looking for a new project. You should get together and see if you’re on the same page.”

Now there’s an idea. But could I really do this? Is this what I had been looking for since leaving university?

It got me thinking. It had never occurred to me before that my future might not be reliant on finding the right job advertisement or being headhunted by the right company like so many of my friends and peers, and that it might actually be that I hadn’t found the right fit because it didn’t exist yet. I had to create it first. Why not turn my passions into my job and not the other way around?

And so I went for coffee to meet Alex…”

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