Our favourite books: Sarah Raven’s Garden Cookbook

Our favourite seasonal food cookbookNot for nothing is our motto “exploring the world, one mouthful at a time”- we’re both serious food lovers, and conversations at our meetings often focus more on mealtimes than marketing.  We like to eat food at its very best, which is why our Spanish and Italian food tours revolve around the very best seasonal and local produce, be it the ripest of tomatoes on our bruschetta, or cheese made in the room next door.

We practice what we preach – when we cook for ourselves we try to eat as seasonally as possible.  This absolutely brilliant book is our bible, and is inspired by a more Mediterranean way of eating, putting mouthwatering fruit and veg at centre stage, alongside the odd tasty meaty morsel.  Sarah Raven guides us through gluts of gooseberries (tarts, fools, jellies and sorbet), a bounty of beetroot (I’m writing this after a dinner of her beetroot, lentils and goat’s cheese) and sacks and sacks of spuds.  Recipes are conveniently arranged by month and ingredient.

Our favourite seasonal food cookbookI can’t recommend this highly enough. The Garden Cookbook is the one cookbook in my collection that has sticky fingerprints on almost every page, and to which I return time and time again. Whether you want to grow your own seasonal varieties, or just eat incredibly well, this book is an absolute must for any curious foodie.

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