Top 5 Pre-Holiday Rituals


On Wednesday I’ll finally be jetting off for a week in the sun before the summer is officially over. After months of envying my friends, it’s my turn to tease them with holiday countdowns and “this time next week’s…” Which got me thinking. Everybody loves to be on holiday. That period of time where you step out of the everyday grind, are actively encouraged to forget about work and frowned upon for checking your email. But how about the lead up to those blissful days of dedicated R&R? Call me crazy, but sometimes the preparation can feel just as good as the holiday itself…

1. Destination Research

Picking up every brochure you can lay your hands on, clicking on every holiday roundup article that pops into your inbox and trawling the weekend travel sections for inspiration. Although work often takes me back to Tuscany and Madrid, I love the feeling that I could go anywhere and do anything!

2. Booking Confirmation High

Your bank account may not be happy, but as soon as that confirmation email pops into your inbox, you just can’t stop smiling. It’s official, you are going to XXXX (hopefully somewhere scrumptious on one of our gourmet tours!) and now the countdown and planning can really begin, from what to take to what celebratory airport drink you’ll have pre-flight!

3. New Wardrobe

Last year’s summer holiday clothes probably still look great and you only wore them once, but there’s something so irresistibly decadent about having a brand new wardrobe (or even just a new bikini) to go away with. Your favourite sunglasses and floppy hat may be great beach staples, but you need to update the look with this year’s most stylish sandals and maxi dress, of course.

4. Attacking the Toiletries Aisle

Suddenly it seems imperative to own miniature versions of everything in your bathroom even though they will probably end up in your unlimited hold luggage. You also find yourself adding several different factors of sunscreen, an entire pharmacy of ‘just in case’ medication the kind of bright shades of make-up that you can only pull off in a tropical climate.

5. The Grand Packing of the Suitcase

Every summer clothing item you have ever owned is laid out in piles on your bed waiting to see who makes this year’s cut. Your Kindle is fully loaded with your top reading catch up list. Your passport and tickets are sitting impatiently on the bedside table. And, if you’re like me, you have a glass of wine in hand and Bob Marley in the background. Watch out hot, sunny holiday destination; I’m English, I’m fed up of rain, and I’m on my way!

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