Quinces Galore!

Our love of seasonal food and wine doesn’t stop on our European gourmet weekends.  We’re huge fans of cooking up seasonal British produce into mouthwatering recipes.  Very occasionally, our twin loves overlap.

This month we were delighted to have some ripe quinces, recently fallen from the tree in Alex’s Northamptonshire orchard. Aimee adores Manchego cheese, so there was really only one possible use for them- Membrillo!

We first discovered Membrillo on an early gourmet tour around Madrid and have loved it ever since. This quince paste goes beautifully with hard cheese, and is very easy to make (though also available at Waitrose for those who don’t have hours to spend at the hob). We used this recipe from the BBC– often a reliable choice for recipes due to the rigourousness of their testers!  This recipe is for real cooks- it doesn’t give exact measurements- more just what feels right for the volume of quinces that you have. Our verdict? Alex is feeding the gourmet girls of DDD (Aimee and Anne ) on Monday night, so we’ll report back afterwards!

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