Food and Wine Tours in Tuscany & Umbria

From Florence’s Uffizzi to Pisa’s leaning tower, sun drenched olive groves to remote hilltop towns, this glorious corner of Italy captures the imagination and feeds the soul as well as the stomach.  We’ve based our food and wine tours in little-visited area on the borders of Tuscany and Umbria, where life continues much as it has always done. Fountains splash in bustling Renaissance piazzas, ancient buildings house hidden family restaurants, and tiny winding streets open out onto unspoilt views of vineyards and olive groves.

Cetona, the base of our Italian gourmet toursYet while Tuscany’s long tempted discerning travellers, few have the opportunity to experience life behind kitchen doors, or join the wine producers in the depths of the vineyard cellars. If you’re lucky enough to speak Italian, you’ll notice the national obsession with the art of conversation, and their favourite topic is food. Visit any Italian piazza and you’re guaranteed to overhear the most animated, gesticulated discussion about olive oil and passata recipes, espresso-making methods and wine pairing. Here at Drink Dine Discover we have sought out an entirely different experience for travellers interested in the ‘real’ Italy, and the people who live and work there.

Suzie, our Italian gourmet tour hostess, working in olive grovesOur hostess Suzie moved from the UK with her Italian husband to breathe life into a neglected olive grove. Suzie’s unusual single grove olive oils, have impressed even the choosiest Italians, and her skill in the kitchen will tempt even the most timid of cooks (and eaters!) Others we meet along the way include local cheesemakers, wine growers, and restaurateurs, who’ve selected the very finest local produce just for us.

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