Responsible Tourism

Our food and wine tours actively seek out local, independent producers and artisans- not only for the quality of their food and wine, but for their commitment to sustainability. We are proud lovers of SLOW food, and visit places where time-honoured practices are protected and loved. Both of our founders and country girls, and we believe that by supporting this threatened way of life and agriculture we are supporting the production of some of the very finest food and wine.

Travelling responsibly is a natural part of how we operate- authenticity and top quality gastronomy are our raison d’etre, and we feel these can only be found and sustained by travelling mindfully and considerately. To give our travellers the most authentic experience possible, we use smaller locally owned hotels and restaurants, often places where we know our hosts by name, and our gourmet experiences are intensely local, focusing on one region, meeting local producers and eating food at its seasonal best.

We feel that an essential element of protecting the environment lies in supporting the local community and sustainable agriculture as part of our food and wine tours. The debate surrounding carbon offsetting continues (though we can happily recommend several ways you can do this). We aim to employ the skills of local artisans and guides and recycle wherever possible. We do our best to educate ourselves about the way in which we use resources around the world and where they come from, to help ensure that the opportunity to travel and discover cultures and cuisines will stay available long into the future.

We are proud to encourage responsible travel, and seek to improve practices wherever possible. Please click on the relevant links to read about the social, economic and environmental aspects of our responsible travel policy in full. If you have suggestions as to how we could improve, please do email us on

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