Economic Responsibility

Our gourmet tours currently operate in Western Europe. However, in our quest for authenticity we often head away from cosmopolitan hubs to rural areas where people do not benefit from tourist revenue. We believe in using our spending power to try to ensure that the money we spend reaches local people, providing employment, and giving local communities a stake in preserving and creating the wonderful experiences that our travellers enjoy. We do this by:

Cetona Tuscany–       Using small, locally owned hotels wherever possible, or using locally owned chains where necessary.  This happens naturally in the tour planning process, as it gives us a more authentic experience of the places we visit.

–       Eating at locally owned restaurants- at almost all of the restaurants we use on our gourmet tours, the owners are known personally to us. They are local people, with local staff, who create menus of regional specialities for us to enjoy. By and large, these are sourced from seasonal local ingredients, thereby meaning that many of the restaurant’s own suppliers are also local, ensuring that the money we spend “trickles down” into the local economy.

Racks of grapes–       Introducing our travellers to locally grown wine. As our speciality is in discovering the food and wine of a particular region, the vast majority of the wine we enjoy is locally produced, from vineyards that do not get international recognition, or have a significant income stream from international buyers.

–       Visiting local food producers. The food and wine producers we visit as part of our tours are usually very small scale. By visiting these people directly we ensure that as much as possible of the money we spend on excursions remains within the local community.

–       Our tour drivers and vehicles all come from locally owned companies.

–       Where possible we aim to have a local host for all of our tours.

–       We always recommend buying locally produced souvenirs and goods. This goes beyond the short duration of the holiday. Afterwards, wherever possible, we’ll try to put you in touch with importers or UK stockists of the niche, delicious foodstuffs we enjoy on our tours,  so you have scrumptious memories of your trip, and the benefit to these small scale producers continues.

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