Environmental Responsibility

Drink Dine Discover recycles printer cartridges and all of our paper.We also aim to reduce our overall use of paper by communicating with our travellers largely via email (though paper copies are always available for people who want them) use double-sided printing wherever possible. As we grow, and recruit new staff, we aim to educate each staff member in the importance of limiting our impact on the environment (both here and overseas) and ensuring that the impact of our gourmet tours in our destinations is a positive one. 

When support and visit small scale producers, who by their very nature tend to have a relatively low impact on the environment. Many of the farmers and winegrowers we visit operate along organic and biodynamic principles and by visiting them we both raise awareness  for such low impact methods (and the quality of food and wine this produces), and help them to continue their work.

Suzie, our Italian gourmet tour hostess, working in olive grovesSuzie, an olive-oil farmer, and our Tuscan hostess, writes: “Our mission here at Suzie’s Yard is to promote small farm producers from the Val di Chiana in southern Tuscany where we live and produce our extra virgin olive oil.  Our aim is to support the artisan production of organic and ethical food in a context that is respectful of the environment from the production process to the packaging; land-conscious in the management of the soil, water and biodiversity; and people-focused from the producer to the consumer. Our goal is to contribute to the long-term sustainability of this local agricultural model.”

While our tours are based around flight times, each traveller on our European tours is offered the option of collection from a train station, rather than an airport, and there is the option to book our tour as part of a longer stay in the country if you wish to minimise the number of journeys you make each year.

Should you wish, we can point you in the direction of a carbon offsetting scheme.

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