Social Responsibility

We believe that travel should be a positive experience for both travellers and hosts, increasing understanding between cultures and celebrating diversity. By ensuring that our tours have a positive social impact, not only does the local community benefit, but our travellers are welcomed with open arms, making for a wonderful experience on the ground.

View over the Tuscan CountrysideWhen you go away we’ll supply you with a pre-trip information pack on the country or region you’re visiting. This will include information on local culture and social norms, as well as a few words in the host language to get you started off.

Each tour will be accompanied by a guide who is fluent in both English and the host language, and who has, wherever possible, lived in the host country.

On each of our tours we aim to have at least one free afternoon or day when you can head off under your own steam and explore the local area for yourself.

We aim to include on each tour at least one meeting directly with local food and wine producers- often over a glass of wine or a bite to eat. These are usually a fascinating bunch and give you a chance to see your destination from a totally different perspective.

Our tour groups are deliberately small and exclusive, giving you the chance to meet more local people.

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